Wide Format Laminator

2021-04-23 13:56:24
The roll diameter also has a max width, determined by the largest diameter of the supply roll of laminating film the laminator will carry. This may be important depending on the type of laminating to be done with the machine. If a continuous feed is required, a larger roll diameter is necessary. The roller used in Mefu laminator are 130mm silicon roller, they are much heavier and longer service life than rubber roller. 
A wide format roll laminator also has a maximum thickness. Some laminators can only handle material that is the thickness of paper, while others might be able to laminate items as thick as poster board or even thicker. The largest thickness commonly found is up to 1.1 inches (about 28mm) hot and cold laminator.
Safety is also of concern with wide format roll laminators. These machines deal with high heat. For hot laminator the working temperature could be 120℃/248℉. Therefore, it is important to ensure operators’ safety. In Mefu hot and cold laminator, there are two red buttons located on the top of each side of the laminator that can be used if the machine needs to be stopped immediately. There is also safety laser sense in our laminators, when fingers or hand close to up and down roller. The laminator will stop running itself to keep safety of operators. 
Wide format roll laminators are used for a variety of projects and can enhance any business. The max laminating width of wide format roll laminators are above: 1630mm/60”. Wide format laminator allows large items, such as posters and maps, to be laminated.
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