Lefu 1630mm Hot and Cold Laminators

2022-07-06 15:15:43

Lefu Laminators are high quality machines with integrated “roll to roll” operation and heated roller up to 120°C. Ideal performances with digital printers and in industrial environment.

Lefu Laminator with upper heated roller up to 120°C (248°F), in a width of 1,63 m (63″). Ideal for the lamination of digital prints soft or rigid medias, application requiring an important level of pressure or for use with thermal film on one side.


Lefu 1630 Laminator quick facts

Lefu 1630 is a Single hot and cold laminator with upper heated temperature of 120 degrees (variable temperature).

Ideal for laminating and mounting

Includes take-up unit for roll to roll lamination

The maximum media thickness is up to 28mm

Fully assisted by digital control unit with optional settings for regular jobs

Includes Delivery, Installation & Training by a Qualified Engineer

Speed of up to 18metres per minute

Motorised roller adjustment with digital pressure control

Self-calibrating/levelling rollers ensures reliability time after time and enables relocation of laminator when not in use.

The Lefu 1630 is perfect for mounting and laminating up to 1630mm width. This machine includes a heated top roller, fully adjustable up to 120°C, for enhanced lamination. Suitable for a lot of different materials, like laminating- and mounting films. An additional control panel at the rear of the machine gives optimum output control and simplifies the webbing process even further.

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