Lefu LF1700-D1 Hot and Cold Laminating Machine

2022-07-20 16:14:21

Lefu LF1700-D1 Hot and Cold Laminating Machine is large and medium-size equipment used for large format poster, graphic and advertisement banners laminating. This model has a relatively wide versatility in adhesive film applications and it can laminate width graphic with adhesive film sheet as well conduct continuous mounting on scroll graphic with film rolls and mount on billboards.


LF1700-D1 Laminator features reasonable design,simple structure and strong operability and the staff can complete graphic mounting in a fast and efficient way after a simple training.

Machine features:

1. Electric operation mode and continuous and adjustable operation speed;

2. Rubber roller lift and pressure regulating parts adopt linkage transmission mechanism,simple and convenient;

3.Protective devices added,making the safety protection during mounting more thoughtful;

4.Combination of standard configuration and optional configuration meets various customer needs comprehensively;

This model is applicable to various industrial fields, amd it shows great use value especially in printing ,color printing,advertisement production areas.

Main Advantages:

1)Multifunction laminating,low cost laminating,High speed laminating.

2) Intelligence control the laminating speed,make it 18m/min,laminating material perfectly and efficient

3)Intelligent infrared checking system  protect the safety of laber and the roller. 

4) Automatic cutting system, three cut knife,saving your cost.

5)Rolling up the back paper automatically.

LF1700-D1 Hot and Cold roll laminator is the perfect option for you looking to enter the wide format graphics market. Equipped with all of the features needed to produce most applications, LF1700-D1 hot and cold roll laminator promises quality, performance and safety – at an affordable price.

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