Lefu LF1700-D1 High Speed Automatic Roll Laminator

2022-07-07 15:10:50

The laminator is well selected, and the work is not troublesome! Choose the Lefu LF1700-D1 for the lamination artifact! LF1700-D1 is a laminating and cutting machine, it is a economical model. Available for no bottom film / 200 meters of polymer film,speed to 20 meters per minute.

D1 详情图


Anti-static rope

Reduced static electricity during fast lamination, safer operation

Automatic aligned of material roller (patented design)

The material roller does not need to be manually aligned, and it is automatically locked when it is rotated.

Vertical cutting function

Equipped with three cutters as standard, which can be manually cut vertically, and can be laminated and cut by one person, and the finished product can be directly produced.

Fine-tuning device

Cutting fine-tuning knob, precise cutting, saving time and effort

The principle is clear and easy to use


Complete functions and easy operation

Large screen, multi-column display, more intuitive operation, convenient use of pulse-type speed control knob, accurate and durable, re-subdivision of speed adjustment range, smoother linear acceleration/deceleration

Rear control panel

Speed digital display, the rear knob can also control start and stop, the pulse-type speed control knob can be rotated 360 degrees to achieve stepless speed change, the front and rear can display the accurate lamination speed, long service life, resistance to electrostatic shock

Lefu Laminator is an essential equipment for advertising production companies, and it is a powerful guarantee for perfecting products. There is no trouble in choosing a good laminating machine. A handy laminating machine is very important.

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