Temperature Settings of Lefu Roll Laminator

2022-07-01 15:36:27

Lefu roll to roll laminating machine is favored by new and old customers. However, while the roll to roll laminator is popular, it also brings the problem of temperature adjustment to our customers. Many customers don’t know how to adjust the temperature of Lefu laminator because Lefu laminator has a temperature difference of 20 degrees when adjusting the temperature. Today I will explain this temperature difference to everyone, I believe that many customers can easily adjust to the temperature they want.

Temperature adjustment

1.Entry Interface Settings

Long press set button, and enter the interface settings. Input the password: 602398. Start the working temperature setting.

2.Max Temperature Settings

Set the Max working temperature.(Default temperature is 40 degrees.)

You can adjust temperature according to your need. LF1700-D4 model max temperature is 60 degrees.

3.Temperature Correction Settings

This is for adjust error between real temperature and LCD Screen Temperature.

You can adjust the following temperature difference button to get the real working temperature and the LCD screen temperature.

100℃ is the basic temperature, The default temperature difference of the machine is 20℃. So, If you want to get the real working temperature you need, you should according to your local temperature.

For example, your local temperature is 0℃.If you want to get real working temperature 60℃, you just need to set the LCD screen temperature into 40℃.

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