Lefu Laminator Attend 2021 Zhongyuan Spring Advertising Exhibition

2021-04-23 13:53:42
From April 21 to 23, 2021, the 37th Zhongyuan advertising exhibition in Spring 2021 was held in Zhengzhou international convention and exhibition center. Zhongyuan advertising exhibition has set off the hottest trend of advertising signs. It represents the highest level of the industry in north and central China.
Zhengzhou Lefu CNC Equipment Co., Ltd, as a professional wide format laminator manufacturer, is naturally one of the exhibitors. Many models of laminators are exhibited this time, LF1700-D1 pro laminator, LF1700-D4 pro laminator, LF1700-F1 high speed laminator, LF1700-B5 laminator and LF1700-B6 laminator. They were attracted many visitors during the showing time, and some customers were very satisfied for our laminator and they has placed order on site.In the ens, our exhibition has make a great success, it’s very thanks for customers trust and support. 
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