Lefu LF1700-F1 Heavy Duty Cold Laminator

2022-07-14 15:23:43

The LF1700-F1 is a great choice for all commercial printers and sign makers. This heavy duty, affordable system will mount and laminate large format graphics up to 1630mm wide.

The LF1700-F1 is a floor standing system that has been designed to cope with larger volumes it’s ideal for mounting prints to boards and applying cold laminates. With no rollers to heat, this cold wide format system is always ready just when you need it!


• 1 cold large diameter silicone roller for even pressure

• variable speed control and low maintenance

• foot pedal for controlled operation

• pressure gauge on rollers, adjustable on machine to give perfect, even pressure every time.


With advanced features and a new design, the Lefu LF1700-F1 is capable of delivering premium quality results for graphics and signage material.


Easily check laminating length by meter counter and it is the most popular model and can competently produce a highly efficient output of up to 50 meters per minute.


Many features have been enhanced on the wide models including additional mandrel holders for storing spare rolls and a larger swing out feed tray and safety guard for easy material loading.

Lefu laminator persist integrity is the fundamental enterprise, creating value for customers, clients service should be coming first. Lefu will provide you a professional, efficient, high-quality way to solve any problem during laminating.

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