Lefu LF1700-D3 Cold and Hot Laminator

2022-07-12 15:44:35

Lefu is a leading manufacture of low-heat cold laminator, thermal laminating equipment, wide format laminating machine and thermal laminating films for graphics and building industries in China from year of 2006.

Lefu LF1700-D3 high quality, high speed cold laminators with upper heat-assist roller from 0°C to 120°C and integrated “roll to roll” operation. The LF1700-D3 offers single-sided cold lamination, simultaneous lamination and adhesive mounting, encapsulation and board mounting up to 28mm thick. The new generation of LF1700-D3 laminators offers unbeaten performances at this price level.


LF1700-D3 Cold and Hot Laminator at a glance

Single heat assisted laminator with variable temperature control up to 120 degrees, speed of up to 9 metres per minute

Includes Delivery, Installation & Training by a Qualified Engineer

Automatic winding device, save labor and improve laminating efficiency

The anti-static device quickly and effectively removes static electricity, safe and efficient

The infrared temperature control system has a good effect of precise temperature control and uniform laminating

Low heating temperature cold lamination breaks through the difficult problem of cold lamination technology in the industry

Laminating in any environment, no snowflakes and bubbles. Guarantee 100% lamination yield.

The LF1700-D3 cold and hot laminators are high-volume machines with heat assisted top rollers from 0-120°C. The LF1700-D3 easily accommodates 1.7m wide material so is the perfect solution for the high-volume user with frequent demands for finishing up to 1.7m wide.

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