Lefu LF1700-D4 Wide Format Cold Laminator

2022-07-08 15:19:12

The New Design Lefu LF1700-D4 Wide Format Laminator combines style with functionality. The design has been enhanced and more features have been added. With advanced features and a new design, the LF1700-D4 Wide Format Laminator is capable of delivering premium quality results for graphics and signage material.

This professional LF1700-D4 Wide Format Laminator sets new standards of excellence, with up to 1630mm laminating width. The range now features additional mandrel holders for storing spare rolls of film, a swing out feed tray for hassle free loading and a New Feed Assist Bar.

Perfect Laminating Quality

High roller nip pressure increases laminate bonding strength

Accurate pressure sensing that is displayed on control panel for easy setup

Adjustable Roller Pressure during Lamination

High durability with standard 220v power supply

Laminating width of 1600mm to handle various ranges of substrate & media

Adjustable speed settings

Foot switch for convenient operation on either side of the laminator

Photo sensing system for operator safety

LF1700-D4 has been developed as a new economy roll to roll wide format laminating machine for cold laminating as well as mounting up to 23mm thickness. It has been designed for professional graphic art & display industries. This machine is provides durability,reliability and user friendly interface that works very efficiently on large sized laminating jobs.

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