LF1700-D1——Laminating and Cutting Machine

2021-05-11 13:51:38

New Model LF1700-D1 Full-auto Laminating and Cutting Machine details: speed 15M/Min; Max Lamination Width is 1630mm/64”; Max Lamination Thickness: 28mm/1.1”.

Lefu LF1700-D1 high-speed laminating and cutting machine, multi-blade longitudinal cutting and fine-tuning rectification function at the same time; the latest film release method, the material rod can be interchanged left and right, no alignment is required, and the material rod is locked by the card position. (patented product), very labor-saving; cutting guide rod pneumatic lifting, effectively increasing the operating space; laminating rubber roller, smoothing rubber roller used together to effectively avoid picture wrinkles, skew; machine integrated circuit control, infrared temperature control Sensitive to achieve single-handed operation / unattended 900 square each hour.

The beauty of the “face value” is essential. The machine color is mainly black, very simple, high appearance level, people’s definition of beauty is not only limited to external, but also the principle of internal and external cultivation. LF1700-D1 Laminator rack universal wheel design, easy to move beautifully, save labor; internal function is better, not only can be applied to bottomless paper cold laminating film, traditional cold laminating film, can also be used for 200 meters polymer film. Adhesives in the production of advertisements, laminating films such as car stickers and lamp sheets can be fully used, greatly reducing the overall cost and improving product quality.

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