What Are The Common Problems In The Laminating Process? (2)

2022-08-26 16:21:06
Q: How to prevent the problem of localized film puckering when laminated products are rolled and embossed? A: There are several reasons for localized film puckering when rolling or embossing, but the ultimate reason is the lack of bonding between the pre-coated film and the printed material. Therefore, doing tests in advance is an important means to avoid problems after laminating a large number of films. Of course, accumulate some work experience is very necessary, so to check the ink in accordance with the contents of the pre-coated film instructions, one of the important points is that the ink must be fully dry, especially in the season of low ambient temperature, the ink often appears false dry phenomenon, the ink in the residual small amount of solvent after the lamination heating process will evaporate out, resulting in the bond between the pre-coated film and the printed matter is not enough, rolling lines and embossing When the phenomenon of film appears. If you use expired pre-coating film, the performance of the adhesive layer will be aging, which will also lead to insufficient adhesion and cause the phenomenon of film rolling. Therefore, to prevent the problem of film rolling, we need to consider the quality of the ink, paper, laminating process and the pre-coated film itself. FOR MORE INFORMATIONS: https://www.lefu-laminator.com/
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