What Rre The Common Problems In The Laminating Process? (1)

2022-08-26 16:15:31
Laminating FAQ Q: Why is the lamination fastness not good even though the temperature is enough when laminating? A: The laminating temperature is the surface temperature of the heating roller at the point of engagement with the pressure rubber roller when laminating. Usually the temperature sensor of the laminating machine is placed at the edge of the heating roller, the temperature detected is not exactly the laminating temperature, while the detected temperature value is related to the distance between the sensor probe and the heating roller, so the authenticity of the detected temperature must be ensured, the closer the detection point is to the laminating part, the closer the sensor head is to the roller, the more correct the measured temperature. Under normal laminating temperature conditions, the fastness of the laminating film can be guaranteed. Q: After lamination, is there any change in the bonding fastness between the pre-coated film and the printed material? A: After laminating, the bonding fastness between the precoated film and the printed material can only reach about 70% of the maximum fastness, and the bonding fastness will become larger with time. For more informations: https://www.lefu-laminator.com/
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