How to deal with problems after lamination (1)

2022-09-02 09:16:20
A large area of the screen has a “foggy” feeling 1. Insufficient pressure over the film Adjust the pressure of the cold laminator; 2. Cold laminating film machine ends are not flat Adjust the cold laminator pitch adjustment screw to achieve equal distance; 3. Over the photo paper The surface of the photo paper is not flat, generally at about 25 degrees, placed 2-3 hours will automatically disappear, the higher the temperature will disappear more quickly; 4.Over PP backing A. Hand touch PP backing screen if there is no “rough” feeling, then according to the above method; B. If there is “rough” feeling, you need to replace the PP backing; 5. Glue adhesion in low temperature is not good A. Increase the use of ambient temperature. B. Replace the cold laminating film FOR MORE INFOMATIONS:
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