Usage Precautions for Lefu Flatbed Laminator

2022-01-19 14:47:38

Nowadays, Lefu flatbed laminator has been all over the world. But how to use Lefu flatbed laminator has been the most important question. As we all know, keeping the roller of laminating machine clean and level can directly influence the work efficiency of the flatbed laminator. Thus, how to take care of your flatbed laminator.

1、The power switch box must be connected with the ground power switch box to ensure the safety of electricity.

2、The workshop on laminating is preferably a dust-free workshop to ensure the effect of laminating.

3、The dust on the equipment and the laminating roller must be completely removed before laminating.

Electric Hot /Double Roll Laminating Machine

4、 Laminating machine operation is prohibited to put your fingers into the two rollers to avoid tying your hands; machine pressure roller temperature is high, do not touch with your hands to prevent burns.

5、Do not open the door of the chassis when the machine is running to avoid electric shock or injury by the gears.

6、Must ensure that the total power supply is cut off when carrying out maintenance or repair inspection, no maintenance or repair with electricity. The electrical system of the machine should be kept well insulated to prevent moisture. Stop using the machine should be cut off the power supply to prevent accidents.

7, Maintenance or repair to disassemble the heating tube, please be careful to hold lightly to avoid damage to the heating tube.

8、 Inspection or maintenance found under the bearing outflow of oil should be wiped out to prevent oil into other parts to affect the normal operation of the machine.

Electric Hot /Double Roll Laminating Machine

9、Every time you turn on the machine, you should wipe the dust on the surface of each roll. And check whether the surface of each roll of the machine is clean, machine failure, or abnormal sound should be a timely analysis to find the cause and give to exclude, wait for the machine all normal before you can continue to use the machine.

10、When scrubbing the machine should be a low-speed start. Should be in the correct position to scrub, strictly prevent the two rollers within the grinding and dragging with the hands of the cloth block.

11、 The newly installed machine should strengthen the lubrication of the machine, in the machine transmission break-in phase pay attention not to use the machine quickly.

When you’re not using the flatbed laminator, you can flip the table over to save you more space. Lefu flatbed laminator is high-quality, but you also need to take care of it. So that, Lefu flatbed laminator can better serve your lamination work.

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