Lefu Roll Laminator Frequently Asked Questions

2022-01-18 15:04:15

1、How long is the warranty on Lefu laminator?

All Lefu laminators come with one year warranty on roller and two years warranty on machine.

2、How can I order parts?

Contact your dealer or directly contact us.

3、My machine comes on but my rollers don’t work.

①Make sure that all of the safety switches are being contacted. If the safety switch is not fully engaged, the machine will not roll. The safety switches are usually located on the right frame of the laminator.

②Make sure that the emergency stops are disengaged.

4、Why the graphic surface appears empty and snow points?(Choose the problem you need to solve from the three solutions below)

①The temperature of the roller is low, please rise up the temperature.

②There is dust on the graphic surface,please clean the surface of graphic with soft paper.

③There is a problem with film quality,please change your film or contact your film supplier.

5、why the graphic surface appears air bubbles or folds?(Choose the problem you need to solve from the three solutions below)

①The graphic is not put flat, please flat the graphic and place it between the rollers at a vertical angle.

②The laminating speed is too slow or the temperature too high, please improve speed or lower temperature.

③The paper roller is not in place, please let the paper roller fully contact the picture.

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