LF1700-D3 Cold Manual Large Format Roll Laminator

2022-01-20 14:50:43
Placed On The Wheels

The LF1700-D3 Cold Manual Large Format Laminator is 63 inches wide so you can laminate large documents or a lot of materials at once. The maximal thickness can be about 28mm. This laminator has a stand. You can pull it easily from a room to room since it’s placed on the little wheels.

Various Purposes

You can use LF1700-D3 machine for a lot of purposes which makes your business better. You can use it for mounting inkjet prints on a big surface or for pre-masking graphics. It’s an electric machine so the supervising of one person should be enough.

Wide Control Panel

The LF1700-D3 laminator includes the control panel with a lot of functions. You can adjust the temperature precisely by pressing the up and down degree buttons. You will see the temperature measurement both in Fahrenheit and Celsius. It’s easy also to adjust the speed using the rotary button.

No Wrinkling And Silvering

The plate includes the scale so you can regulate the width of the graphics easily. The machine is designed to prevent wrinkling and silvering. If you notice the damage might happen, you can push the emergency button. This machine has a power of 1400 Watts and it’s suitable for 110V and 220V sockets. If you want other voltages and plugs, please contact us, we can customize for you.

No Bubbles Effect

If the graphics or photos are sensitive, this LF1700-D3 cold laminating system is a better choice. Using the cold lamination, it’s less possible that the bubbles will be formed. You need to use the appropriate film for laminating.

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