Tips and Tricks for Laminating

2021-12-14 14:50:37

To get the best lamination possible, it is important to choose the correct laminator and laminating film for the job. A lot of people make mistakes by not using the correct laminator to get longevity out of their graphic.

1,Make sure your Lefu laminator is in a clean environment. Dust and dirt can get on your print and ruin your job, so make sure your work area around the laminator is clean and dust-free, and make sure the laminator’s rollers are clean.

2,Decide early on how you are going to run a job. Is it a single sheet that requires a certain setup or are you doing a longer piece that would work better with a roll-to-roll laminating machine? Anything over 8′ should be done on a roll-to-roll. If using a Lefu roll-to-roll laminator, make sure it is loaded correctly with film and print media so that when it runs through the machine, it moves through without shifting left or right.

3,Buying a Lefu laminator with smart technology helps with that. It raises and lowers the rollers depending on how much pressure your project needs.

4,When companies first purchase a laminator, they may waste a lot of film just learning how to operate it, so training is crucial. We tell you how to do every process correctly so you don’t waste consumables, which can be very expensive.

5,There are Lefu laminators in all price ranges. The least expensive are ones in which the operator must do everything themselves manually. As the laminators get more features, the operator has to do less to get the required results.

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