Temperature Setting of Lefu Laminator in Winter

2021-12-15 15:04:38

Today, lefu laminators have spread all over the world. lefu laminators are exquisitely designed to laminate products with a flat surface and no wrinkles or bubbles. lefu laminators have two types of laminating temperatures: 0~60℃, 0~120℃. So, how to set the temperature of lefu laminator to achieve the expected temperature in the cold weather winter?

1. The laminating roller of the Lefu laminating machine has a built-in heating tube, through the preheating of the heating tube, the roller will reach the preset temperature of laminating.

2. In winter, when the temperature is cold, the weather factor has a great influence on the temperature of the laminator rollers. First of all, the external temperature directly affects the initial temperature of the rollers and the preheating time. Therefore, in winter, the Lefu laminator needs to preheat the rollers in advance and laminate the film after the rollers are at the preset temperature.

Electric Hot /Double Roll Laminating Machine

3. There is another special case where the pre-set temperature is not reached even after the rollers have been heated. First of all, please be assured that this is not a malfunction of the Lefu laminator, it is because the room temperature is too low and the laminator rollers do not reach the preset temperature, so you just need to increase the preset temperature on the control panel. For example, if your laminator is set to 60°C in the winter, the temperature of the rollers may only be 50°C after 10-15 minutes of heating. Our temperature control system is a non-contact infrared temperature control system, so the external temperature is an important factor in the use of the laminator.

4. After starting the laminator, to ensure the quality of the laminated product, please wait for 10-15 minutes for the rollers to warm up sufficiently to reach the optimal laminating temperature. Please do not use the machine immediately after power on, otherwise, Lefu laminator will not guarantee perfect laminating quality and laminating speed.

Electric Hot /Double Roll Laminating Machine

5. Lefu automatic laminator is equipped with automatic winding and unrolling function, so please do not touch the rollers with your hands while the high-temperature laminator is running. If you need to suspend the operation, you need to power off the laminator and wait for the rollers to cool down before adjusting or lifting the rollers.

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