The Primary Benefits of Lefu Lamination

2021-12-28 14:31:43

The Lamination process encloses and bonds printed pieces between two pieces of clear plastic film. Lefu Lamination increases the strength, rigidity and protection of the laminated material, which extends the life of the printed pieces. Lefu Lamination also enhances the appearance of the printing by deepening and brightening the ink colors.

The Primary Benefits of Lefu Lamination

1.Lefu lamination increases the durability of print materials, allowing them to withstand frequent use.

2.Lefu lamination adds protection against fingerprints and smudges, stains and spills, tears and wrinkles, marks and abrasions, plus oil, grease, dirt, moisture and other contaminants.

3.Lefu lamination improves appearance by enhancing the ink colors of the printed piece. This creates a more professional look and holds attention longer.

4.Lefu lamination adds strength and stiffness, providing an impression of higher quality and importance.

5.Lefu lamination is completely transparent and does not impair or blemish the printing in any way.

6.Lefu lamination has a reasonable cost. Also, because lamination increases the longevity of print materials, it saves money on reprinting.

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