Functions and Characteristics of Lefu Automatic Laminating Machine

2021-12-29 14:39:08

1、Lefu automatic laminating machine laminating roller built-in electric heating system and automatic temperature control device, so that the temperature distribution is uniform. Large laminating rollers are designed to increase the laminating surface: the diameter of the electric heating roller is 130mm, and the inner wall of the roller core is rounded, so that the roller is not biased and the heating surface is even; the diameter of the laminating roller is 130mm, which is stable. Pneumatic cylinder control compound pressure, can make the upper and lower two rollers left and right pressure balance force. The heating roller with high performance laminating rubber roller can perfectly realize the heat laminating process.

2、The coating oil head is controlled by an imported frequency conversion governor, the upper rubber roller is highly polished and the inner wall is specially rebalanced to keep the coating volume stable more effectively, the high precision manufacturing coating and measuring roller ensures the uniform coating volume and achieves precise coating effect. Adopt DC motor pressure film coating device, stable, fast, and easy to operate.

Electric Hot /Double Roll Laminating Machine

3、Film unwinding shaft with magnetic powder brake to maintain stable tension. The unique pneumatic film tensioning device ensures the looseness of the film when pressing and starting the film, which effectively prevents the failure of the rolled film.

4、Automatic slitting device: slitting length can be set freely according to the size of the paper, and the speed can be controlled freely. Machine set linkage operation system, with the speed of the host, automatic increase or decrease, simple operation, saving labor costs and reducing the operator’s labor intensity. Knife rotary design, rotary knife seat 4 groups of blades, can be fine-tuned control, easy to operate; adjustment, with the pressure roller with each other.

5、Automatic paper collection material rod: pneumatic bilateral paper flush device, with a paper counter; conveying table with vacuum suction wind belt; paper-thin paper guide device; chain suspension plate paper carrier, photoelectric induction automatic descent; paper receiving table with auxiliary loading table, can not stop the machine to collect paper.

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