Important Tips for Lefu Laminating

2021-12-23 15:12:49

When laminating, use the following tips and recommendations for best results.

1、Test your Lefu laminator. Before doing any lamination, make sure that you know how the final product will be used: indoors or outdoors, lighting conditions, etc. This will help you determine the right materials and techniques.

2、Make sure Lefu laminator and working areas are clean and dust-free. An unclean laminating environment is the worst enemy of any successful finishing job.

3、Wait as long as possible to laminate. The longer the ink has to set on the media, the better the laminate adhesion will be. It is important that your print be dry before laminating.

4、Follow manual instructions. Check your Lefu laminator to be sure that the proper temperatures, tensions, and pressures are being used.

(1) Time (speed) is important because it impacts the length of the dwell in the lamination nip.

(2)The temperature of the heated rollers must be appropriate to the materials (ink, media, films, or adhesive).

(3) Pressure (the amount of force being applied to bond the materials together at the nip) affects the success of that bond.

(4)Tension of the materials being laminated has a significant impact on the flatness of the laminated print.

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