The Difference Between Lefu Cold Laminator and Hot Laminator

2022-01-10 14:53:14

Lefu laminators have produced many classic laminators for more than a decade. In terms of laminating temperature, they can be divided into cold laminators and hot laminators. So, what is the difference between the two laminating methods?

From the whole machine.

Cold laminator, also known as over the film machine, laminating machine, is a photo advertising post-production indispensable auxiliary equipment. The main components are the upper and lower two rubber rollers. A cold laminating machine is an emerging advertising screen laminating machinery, will be a variety of spray painting screens, advertising light box cloth, printed materials, photos, banners, awards, certificates, pictures, etc. for cold laminating film processing, after the machine processing, in the surface of the items to form a film, the cold laminating machine is a novel advertising and photo laminating processing equipment, is in the advertising products screen covered with a layer of film, in order to play a protective picture, enhance the picture texture effect. It can be said that this is also the most critical process in the post-production of advertising pictures.

Electric Hot /Double Roll Laminating Machine

Hot laminating machine: the machine with high temperature, high pressure to complete the plate and screen lamination mount. Compared with the cold laminator cost is lower, and the effect is better, the surface of the products after framing is also longer preservation time. It is suitable for laminating all flat sheets and rolls of media. As long as the corresponding film supplies can be replaced: for example, a variety of glass decals, acrylic panels, PVC panels, stone panels, density panels, metal panels, hard plastic panels, Bakelite panels, wood doors and windows panels, glass walls.

From the way of lamination.

Cold lamination: at room temperature using cold pressing methods to protect the film mounted on the surface of the picture, called cold lamination. There are single-sided lamination and double-sided lamination. The operation method also has a manual film and self-mounting film. The cold laminating process has the characteristics of simple operation, good effect, low cost, etc. Widely used in advertising light boxes, engineering, and wedding photography with the late production.

Electric Hot /Double Roll Laminating Machine

Hot lamination: the special hot film is heated to a certain temperature (about 100-120 ° C) on the equipment for the mounting method called hot lamination, can be divided into single-sided hot lamination and double-sided hot lamination, because of its light permeability and waterproof better, good heat resistance, hardness, suitable for post-production of advertising pictures based on lighting or other occasions. But hot laminating equipment and supplies are more expensive, complicated operation, energy consumption, and have a high cost.

Not only the laminating temperature is different, but also the laminating machine you need to choose is different for different products.

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