LF1700-D1 Automatic Large Format Laminator

2022-01-06 14:37:17

If you have a printing shop or need a lot of work daily, I suggest LF1700-D1 Automatic Large Format Laminator, it will be the best option for print shops to produce mass amounts of photo laminating works. This automatic laminator machine can laminate up to 18M per minute without doing any damage to the picture. So, it will definitely speed up your laminating job.

This machine body is made out of a metal frame with silicon rubber on the top and bottom rollers. Also, it comes with a trimmer cutting function to resize your photo on the same machine. For any entry-level laminating production house this can be the perfect choice to enter the market.

LF1700-D1 Automatic Large Format Laminator Pros:

Quicker than manual laminator

Comes with a cutting function.

Good build quality.

Best quality laminating.

Unique anti-static device.

Perfect laminating every time.

Long lasting.

LF1700-D1 Automatic Large Format Laminator Cons:

Cost a bit than manual machines.

Must need an electricity connection.

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