Safety Precautions When Using the Lefu Laminator

2021-12-20 15:18:16

Lefu laminating machine, for the existing plastic appearance parts laminating situation to improve, reasonable design, ingenious idea, simple, practical, through the laminating machine laminating plastic appearance parts consistency, greatly improve the efficiency. It has a good wrap of plastic appearance parts, avoiding the existing phenomenon of poor edge wrap, and improving the appearance quality of the product.

So, when using Lefu laminating machine, how to ensure the safe use of it?

Electric Hot /Double Roll Laminating Machine

1、It should be checked frequently whether there is gum skin and grease on the rubber rollers, and scrub the rubber stains and dust on the rollers in time. Ensure the surface of the two rollers is clean and shiny.

2、The surface of each roller must be strictly kept clean, after each use of the machine, be sure to immediately clean the machine, available glue thinner wash and wipe each roller with a soft towel, it is strictly prohibited to use sharp objects to scrape the surface of the roller.

3、Every time you start the machine, as usual, wipe the dust on the surface of each roller. And check whether the surface of each roll of the machine is clean, machine failure or abnormal sound should be a timely analysis to find the cause and to exclude, wait for the machine all normal before continuing to use the machine.

4、The power switch box must be connected with the ground power switch box to ensure the safety of electricity.

5、The workshop on laminating is preferably a clean workshop to ensure the effect of laminating.

Electric Hot /Double Roll Laminating Machine

6、The dust on the equipment and the laminating roller must be completely removed before laminating.

7, laminating machine operation is prohibited to put your fingers into the two rollers in order to avoid tying your hands, the machine’s pressure roller temperature is high, do not touch with your hands to prevent burns.

8、Do not open the door plate of the chassis when the machine is running to avoid electric shock or injury by the gears.

9, maintenance or repair inspection must ensure that the total power supply is cut off, no maintenance or repair with electricity, the machine’s electrical system should be well insulated to prevent moisture, stop using the machine should cut off the power supply to prevent accidents.

10, maintenance or repair to disassemble the heating tube please be careful to hold and place gently, so as not to damage the heating tube.

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