Learn more about Lefu Laminator

2021-12-21 15:43:19

Sometimes 25″ is just not enough space for most presentation graphics. This is where Lefu wide format laminators come into play.

Lefu laminators are ideal for use with large applications such as promotional signs, banners, trade show graphics, and so much more. Ideal for any size printed projects, Lefu wide format laminators can be used with thermal capabilities to heat glue activated thermal laminating film. Lefu Cold laminators work by applying a pressure sensitive film to laminate projects that a thermal laminator could damage. Lefu wide format cold laminator will also prevent bleeding. Lefu wide format laminators can be used in either thermal or cold settings allowing you to do both lamination types in with one machine.

Lefu Wide Format Lamination Advantages:

• Allows for high production rates

• Large application allowance

• Protective & durable

• Film can be wiped clean

• A wide variety of sizes, thicknesses, and finishes are available

Proper laminating and finishing is an essential step in wide-format print production. Lamination protects prints from moisture and abrasion, adds resistance to light fade and effects of ozone, increases rigidity, and increases aesthetic value. Finishing ensures the print fits the requirements of the application.

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