Proper Operation Steps of Lefu Laminator

2021-12-22 15:41:33

(1) Preparation

Check if all parts of the machine are normal, carry out routine inspection and lubrication and cleaning before starting the machine.


Turn on the power, open the laminating wheel, drying wheel heating switch to heat up, heating, temperature control set to adapt to the process requirements temperature.

(3)Finishing paper

Stack the print on the carrier board, finishing flat, so that the paper print can be sent through the roll, smoothly into the laminating wheel pressurized composite, with no quality problems.

Electric Hot /Double Roll Laminating Machine

(4) Pulling gauge

To ensure that the printed material in the lamination process is not skewed, not out of the film, not running edge, pulling the gauge to be correct. Pull the gauge, loosen the fastening screw of the pull gauge frame, while pushing forward or backward, until the position is accurate, the film and the print is exactly compounded shall prevail after adjustment and fastening.

(5) Film

According to the size of the printed materials to be laminated, choose the right size of the film, the film is installed to the appropriate position on the air shaft fixed.

(6) Threading film

Wrap the film on the air shaft through the laminating wheel and onto the winding air shaft as indicated.

Electric Hot /Double Roll Laminating Machine

(7) Film adjustment

After the film is threaded, each roll of film is not uniform, so the film surface should be leveled. The leveling mechanism can move back and forth (tube wheel) and left and right (air shaft), and the unrolling wheel and bending wheel can spread the film flat. After adjusting the bending wheel with wide width film, it is generally not necessary to adjust it again, and daily production can be adjusted before and after.

(8) Cutting edge

Make the width of the print fit with the width of the film, if the film is exposed, you need to cut the edge, first put down the edge cutting knife, cut off the excess film edge and wind it on the hemming tube.

(9) Lamination

After the pre-preparation to meet the requirements of the production process, the glue wheel is pressurized up and automatically started, the film is coated by the coating wheel with glue through the drying wheel, drying box drying and Fei Da sent to pull the flush to powder after the printed paper products in the laminating wheel, glue wheel under pressure to complete lamination.

(10) Paper cutting and paper collection

By the chain knife automatic slitting paper system and disc knife cutting gap speed difference pull off paper system cut paper after automatic paper collection.

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