Mefu, A Company Specializing in Laminating Machines

2020-05-11 15:14:50
Lefu  CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in China’s advertising equipment production base-Zhengzhou. As a well-known domestic laminating machine manufacturer, Mefu has been focusing on the design, R&D, production and service of laminating machines for many years, and strives to build a four-in-one enterprise model. At the beginning of the establishment of the company, the goal of establishing a 100-year Lefu brand has been established. For this reason, the company has clarified the operation concept of “seamless link”. “Seamless link” is to ensure that there is no differentiation in pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale. Be clear to customers before sales, feel at ease during sales, and worry-free after-sales. To this end, the company has established an information promotion system with Internet, telephone, exhibitions and agents as the main body. With a point to bring the surface, all-round coverage, so that our customers can learn the details of Lefu products within the first time. Honesty is the foundation, creating value for customers, customer peace of mind is our constant pursuit. The nationwide after-sales service network and professional technical personnel can relieve customers’ worries in a timely and efficient manner and save customers’ hidden costs. Lefu people are in a professional and efficient manner for you to solve any problems of laminating. Now, Lefu has provided customers in more than 50 countries and regions with more than ten varieties of advertising laminating machines and flat laminating machines, as well as a variety of professional customized services. Low temperature cold laminating machine breaks through the technical difficulties of cold laminating film in the industry, making you laminating without snowflakes and bubbles in any environment, ensuring 100% yield. The low-temperature cold laminator not only saves you the cost of laminating, improves the efficiency of laminating, but also creates value for customers. The cold and hot laminating series integrated machine launched in 2008 can make cold laminating and hot laminating on one machine at the same time, greatly saving your purchase cost. The hot and cold laminating machine can achieve perfect cold laminating film and hot laminating film without bubbles and snowflakes. Not only that, hot laminating under the premise of ensuring the quality of the laminating film, the cost is 1 yuan/square meter lower than the cold laminating cost. As an innovative professional manufacturer of laminating machines, Mefu has launched a flat laminating machine suitable for laminating flat sheet materials to the industry. This kind of machine can coat all kinds of flat materials such as crystal steel door, sliding door, marble board, glass, KT board, PVC board, cabinet door, high density board, low density board, aluminum alloy board, galvanized board, etc. It solves the difficulties of flat film coating, low efficiency and high cost, making flat film coating simple, efficient and economical. We also provide customers with a variety of high-quality BOPP hot laminating film, PET crystal hot laminating film, bottom color film and so on. As a professional manufacturer of laminating solutions, we always adhere to the concept of customer first, laminating to create value.
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