Lefu Roll-to-Roll Laminator’s Rubber Roller Lifting Principles

2022-01-05 14:17:33

Since the birth of Lefu laminating machine, it is very popular among our customers. Lefu laminating machine has two ways to lift the rubber roller, one is the cylinder pneumatic adjustment lift. The other is manual, using a single-sided balanced pressure adjusting handwheel to achieve a single-sided linkage to lift the rubber roller.

First of all, most of the Lefu laminators are fully automatic laminators, and the most popular models are LF1700-D1 and LF1700-D4.

Electric Hot /Double Roll Laminating Machine

The Lefu automatic laminator is equipped with double-side pressure adjustable pneumatic lifting devices on both sides. Therefore, when using the machine, you should first check whether the cylinder is leaking or whether the pneumatic lifting devices on both sides are working properly.

In addition, Lefu laminators have a manual roll lifting method.LF1700-D3 semi-automatic roll-to-roll laminator is equipped with a half-sided balanced pressure-regulating handwheel for single-sided linkage lifting. Therefore, when using the LF1700-D3, first check whether the single-sided linkage lifting device can adjust both sides of the rollers at the same time. If the single side linkage lift fails, it will lead to uneven laminating pressure, bubbles, and even planting.

Electric Hot /Double Roll Laminating Machine

Therefore, the way of lifting the rubber roller for the laminator directly affects the quality of the product lamination. The two types of roller lifting, pneumatic lift by cylinder and manual single-sided linkage lift, are the perfect way to guarantee the longevity of Lefu laminators.

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