Correction Function of Lefu Laminator

2022-01-04 15:14:24

Laminating work is an extremely delicate and highly technical work. For beginners, the laminating work should be carried out under the guidance of an experienced technician.The following only describes the general laminating correction function.

The correction function is divided into automatic correction and manual correction.

1、Automatic Correction:

①Wrap the picture on the receiving material roller first.

②Move the light spot of the mark line sensor to 5mm to the right of the picture mark line.

Correction Function

③Press the top knife bar lift button to raise the top knife bar.

④Press the automatic cutting button to start the automatic alignment of the mark line sensor.

⑤After pressing the automatic cutting button again, the automatic edge seeking indicator lights up and the device starts to automatically track the edge seeking status. At this time, the device will automatically follow the mark line to adjust the position of the cutter after the film is laminated.

2、Manual correction function

Manual correction

①Press the top knife bar lift button.

②Adjust the position of the cutter according to the cutting needs.

③If the picture is skewed at the beginning of the laminating work, press the manual cutting adjustment button “ ←→” to adjust left and right.

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