Lefu Roll Laminators Maintenance Tips

2022-04-14 15:23:37

Lefu Roll laminators are great for any print shop. They give you flexibility in offering many different solutions to Lefu Commercial Laminators customers to market themselves. Lefu laminator has a large selection of laminating film with a variety finishes from gloss, satin, matte, canvas, luster, and others. Like all machines, they need to be maintained to ensure your machine runs optimally and last a long time.

The following are the steps you need to take to properly clean your Lefu roll laminator.

1. Turn it Off First

You would think it would be the first thing to do, but some people have not followed this rule. Cleaning without turning off the machine could be disastrous.

2. Make Sure It Has Cooled off

It is important to make sure the machine has cooled off before you start cleaning it. The reason is to protect yourself from getting burned and the other is it is easier to clean when the rollers have cooled down.

3. Never Use A Knife Or Scissors

Don’t try scraping any laminate that is stuck on your rolls. You can damage the rolls. It will leave nicks in the roller and cause creasing and air bubbles when you use it again. Don’t use rubbing alcohol either, it can dry out your rollers.

4. Remove The Rollers for Cleaning

Put the machine into reverse to get any extra lamination out of the machine. It helps save time in the cleaning process.

If there is an excess film on the rollers, you can warm up the rollers enough to make the excess film easy to clean. Use a clean cloth to rub off the film. You can use a rubber rejuvenator to help break down the glue.

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