Lefu Flat Bed Laminating Machine for Rigid & Flex Media

2022-04-19 16:02:25

Lefu B4 new series is the fully equipped multipurpose applicator that gives you access to the superior production method provided by Lefu. It’d unique tilted can reduce the shipping cost and more easier to entry the door. Fast assembling and easy operation. All sizes are equipped with LED and safety glasses. It can also optional with heating system and side tray.


Max Lamination Width: 1300mm & 1700mm

Max Lamination Length: 2500mm & 3200mm

Diameter of Roller: 130mm(silicon)

Up and Down: Pneumatic


Time saving compared to traditional application methods

Illuminated table is ideal to apply muti-colored or translucent graphics

Optional heating system allows a better and faster finishing

Ease of use

Tilted table for entrance and cost saving

Roller can be automatically adjusted in height to accommodate different substrates

Optional side trays for easier application and storage medias


Every day: Make sure that the machine is not held any hard stuff and the roller is not damaged; Check the buttons on the machine.

Once a week: clean the machine

Once a month: clean and lubricate the chains and gears.

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