Lefu LF1700-D1PRO Automatic Hot and Cold Roll Laminator

2022-04-12 15:57:49

Lefu LF1700-D1PRO is ideal for use with large applications such as promotional signs, banners, trade show graphics, and so much more. Ideal for any size printed projects. It can be used in either thermal or cold settings allowing you to do both lamination types in with one machine.


1.Intelligent control panel

2.The temperature can be set indoor temperature to 60 degree.

3.Continuous speed adjust.

4.lifting way:

It is pneumatic lifting way,one key to lift the silican roller,it is a full automatic laminating machine.

This machine have foot pedal,so one man can operate this machine,labor is saved.

5.Automatic structure of winding and debunking paper structure.

6.Non-contact infrared temperature control device.

Anti-walk-rise tight adjustable mechanism.

Easy Operation and Good Laminating Effect:

1.Upgraded cutter device, easy to use

Accurate clamping position.The cutting device is upgraded, and the blade is locked when it is lowered with more accurate position,. Unlike the traditional blade rest, which will move left and right.

2.High laminating efficiency, high yield and good effect

Pneumatic lift rubber roller with balance pressure ,more convenient and fast;

Anti sticking silicone rubber roller, diameter 120mm, durable, good film covering effect;

The whole roll of 50m, film is not inclined or wrinkled when working.

3.For cold laminating at low temperature

Cold mounting at 40 ℃ can completely avoid bubbles and snowflakes.

It can be operated by single person or unattended.

Automatic rewinding and uncovering.

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