Lefu– Professional Laminator Manufacturer

2021-11-25 14:52:02

Lefu Laminator-the world’s first patent for replacing materials, making it easier and faster to replace materials. Completely solve the inconvenience in replacing film of the traditional material bar.

Lefu Laminator

1,Automatic winding device, save labor and improve laminating efficiency.

2,Positioning ruler to help you quickly align the film and the picture.

3,Reversible working platform makes operation more convenient.

4,The anti-static device quickly and effectively removes static electricity, safe and efficient.

5, Pneumatic lifting roller with unilateral linkage hand crank, convenient and quick.

6,The infrared temperature control system has a good effect of precise temperature control and uniform laminating.

7,Low heating temperature cold lamination breaks through the difficult problem of cold lamination technology in the industry.

8,Laminating in any environment, no snowflakes and bubbles. Guarantee 100% lamination yield.

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