How Lefu Laminator Avoid Static in Autumn and Winter

2021-11-24 14:37:23

In autumn and winter, the paper is easily affected by static electricity, due to the low humidity of indoor air, water molecules are greatly reduced, coupled with warm air, static electricity is very large. Static electricity is very easy to absorb dust, for cold laminating that is going to bring great impact. So laminating machine can be connected to the ground, with a ground wire will be electrostatic discharge, before operating with electricity, be sure to put discharge to both hands, you can wear a de-static hand ring, or touch other grounded metal objects.

Static particles for the laminator’s impact are inevitable, especially the paste highlight is to pay attention to, but we can still reduce the impact to a minimum. Many large printing plants with automatic laminating machines need to use ion wind bar and other professional static electricity elimination equipment, its strong ion wind to remove the surface of the object static electricity and dust foreign matter.

Electric Hot /Double Roll Laminating Machine

1. Lefu laminators are equipped with one static elimination rope as standard, which is daily placed near the bottom paper material rod, the static electricity generated when the bottom paper is peeled off will be guided to the static elimination rope and thus be released, so that the static electricity remaining on the material is minimized.

2. Now there is a lot of PE electrostatic film, PET lamination electrostatic film using the electrostatic magnetic principle to paste the PVC film sheet, which is mostly used for anti-counterfeit printing labels, stickers, bar code stickers, etc., lamination width is small and not suitable for graphic laminating applications.

Electric Hot /Double Roll Laminating Machine

3. In addition, also pay attention to indoor air humidity; some research data show that indoor air humidity below 30%, conducive to friction generated electrostatic, if the humidity is increased to 45%, electrostatic is difficult to generate.

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