Lefu Laminator for Large Format Printing

2021-12-09 14:39:38

Laminating is a combination of plastic film and printed matter after being pressurized by a rubber cylinder and a heating cylinder to form a paper-plastic product. It plays the role of plastic film adhesion protection on the surface of pictures or printed matter.

Laminating is the process of applying a film, vinyl or double-sided adhesive to another substrate. This can be used to change the use of a material, for example, applying an adhesive turns it into a sticker or window graphic. It can also be used to protect or enhance an existing printed item.

Our LF1700mm wide hot and cold roll laminator is one of the widest in the industry and is great for sheet and roll-fed printed material. Lamination can also be used to mount larger graphics to rigid sheets up to 10x5ft (3050x1550mm).

Our LF1325mm bubble free flat bed laminator is one of the most popular laminating machines in the industry, which is very suitable for irregular shaped paper and thick printing materials.This flat bed type can cover a variety of materials, has a wide range of applications. Its laminating speed is fast and the effect is good.

Laminating printed materials such as Foamex, Correx, Dibond, display board and foam board can add additional protection and increase longevity against fading and other elements such as wind and rain.

If you would like to discuss how lamination can enhance your print project please do give Lefu a call.

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