Installation Precautions for Lefu Laminating Machine

2021-12-08 16:00:07

First of all, before the automatic laminating machine starts, pay attention to cleaning the workbench and the surrounding environment, wipe the molding mold clean, and also carefully check the power button, control system, heating system, and other components to confirm normal.

Secondly, before starting the automatic laminating machine, pay attention to the first warming up for about twenty minutes, the temperature will be raised to the suitable material adsorption temperature, adjust the parameters suitable for the workpiece, and then can work normally, but still need to continue to heat up, because the normal production needs to constantly replenish heat, the operator needs to adjust different temperatures and parameters according to different materials and different workpieces.

Automatic laminating machine normal heating work, pay attention to maintain a safe distance from the equipment to avoid danger.

Electric Hot /Double Roll Laminating Machine

1. Mount the cold laminator on a special stand and place it on a solid and firm working table. Then make a special platform for laminating, with a height 5mm below the edge of the laminator, a width of 1600mm, and a length of more than 1 meter.

2、Place the material that needs to be laminated or run the cold laminator on the iron roller in front of the cold laminator and enter the cold laminator with the coating side facing up.

3、Adjust the adjusting hand wheel on the cold laminator, lift the rubber roller, and then extrude the material from the two rubber rollers for 10cm.

4、If you need to laminate the film, you need to extend the cold laminating film 10 cm from the two adhesive rollers of the cold laminator and put it on top of the consumables. The film and consumables must be aligned on both sides.

Electric Hot /Double Roll Laminating Machine

Lefu cold laminator laminating high quality, strong picture quality, whether digital heat sublimation printer, whether studio image wedding photography, graphic express advertising light box production, or traditional printing, a variety of inkjet printing color advertising posters; personalized indoor or outdoor personal portrait, high definition, high appreciation value, suitable for outdoor use or long-term indoor preservation of corporate videos, product posters, post-production of giant studio photos. Cold mount film can be used with Lefebvre cold mount machine.

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