Lefu LF1325-B4 Flat Bed Laminator

2022-03-31 15:17:50

Lefu LF1325-B4 Flatbed Laminator is specially designed for signage and graphic industries, used special for flexible sign, board, irregular shaped panels, banners etc. It is designed for dry application of foil and transfer film, and produces a result absolutely free of bubble and fold. The machine consist of a working table(flatbed) and a gliding beam with a pneumatically activate roller that is moved manually over the flatbed.


Explosion proof glass and LED lights used

Pneumatic roller control system, pressure adjustable

Suitable for different cold lamination boards material

New flatbed applicator series is the fully equipped multipurpose machine that gives you access to the superior production method provided.

It’s unique tilted table can reduce the shipping cost and more easier to entry the door. Fast assembling and easy operating.


Lift up roller after finish the lamination.

Keep rollers clear.

Do not scratch the rollers.

Lubricate the gears and chains.

Friction mat should be checked and replaced regularly.


Take care when operating the machine, especially if more than one operator is using it.

The emergency stop function and the mechanical stop function for the glide beam should be test in connection with installation, servicing, maintenance etc.


Every day: Make sure that the machine is not held any hard stuff and the roller is not damaged; Check the buttons on the machine.

Once a week: clean the machine

Once a month: clean and lubricate the chains and gears.

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