Lefu Flatbed Laminator

2022-03-10 14:42:19

Lefu Flatbed Laminator is specially designed for signage and graphic industries, used special for flexible sign, board, irregular shaped panels, banners etc. It is designed for dry application of foil and transfer film, and produces a result absolutely free of bubble and fold. The machine consist of a working table(flatbed) and a gliding beam with a pneumatically activate roller that is moved manually over the flatbed.


1、Well equipped, multipurpose flatbed laminator enables superior production method.

2、Get creative with displays! Use this table to laminate banners, mount images, apply transfers to vinyl graphics, or simply as a workstation for cutting and trimming. No matter the display, Lefu can help bring your vision into reality.

3、Mount images and graphics to nearly any substrate surface with this multipurpose machine. It is ideal for pre-masking and protection films.

4、63″ lamination width for large projects. Table features a tempered glass surface and pneumatic roller. Ideal for pressure sensitive applications.

5、Fast assembly and easy operating. Unique tilted table can help reduce shipping costs and makes entering doors easier.

6、The 130 mm / 0.13 m diameter silicon roller has a long lifetime and can meet different laminating and mounting requirements

7、Self- healing cutting mat can be ordered separately


Do not use water to clean the machine in case of short circuit, electric shock or rust. In order not to hurt the rollers, please do not put any hard stuff on the machine. Check the chains and gears at a regular time, clean and lubricate.

The rollers are mine parts of the machine, damage of the rollers will affect the yields. Please rise the upper roller up after lamination, in case of the deformation of the lower roller under long time weight.

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