Lefu Flatbed Laminator Machine

2021-06-25 11:59:24
When talking about laminator, I believe many people in advertising area know Lefu Laminator. It has focus on laminator more than 10 years.
In recent years, Flat Bed Laminator became more and more popular during lamination. Because the wide operation platform can meet customer need for large format materials, such as large car stickers, banners, posters etc.
Lefu Flatbed Laminating Machine
Below are the detailed parameters of this model, Model : Lefu 1325-B4 / Lefu1732-B4 Semi-auto Flat Bed (TILT BED) Laminator details; Max Laminating Width: 1300mm/ 51.22” / 1700mm/ 64.2”; Ma Laminating Length: 3200mm/ 125.9” / 2500mm/ 98.5”; Max Laminating Thickness: 50mm/0.9”; Pressure/Height Adjust: Automatic (Pneumatic Air Pressure); Diameter of Roller: 130mm Silicon. In addition to the Lefu Flatbed Laminator, we also sell the Lefu roll to roll laminator, such as Lefu 1700-D1, Lefu 1700-D2 and so on.
Automayic Wide Format Flat Bed Laminator
Our products are selling well in many countries at home and abroad, and we also have our own machine agent. The company has strong strength and strict requirements on the quality and service of the machine. Many foreign customers will give us feedback on the use of the tablet machine after receiving the machine.
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