How to Choose the Correct Roll Laminator

2021-06-17 13:41:21
Wide format roll to roll laminators come in all shapes and sizes, from varying widths, temperature settings, and application features.  Laminating serves endless benefits to preserving and enhancing media of all kinds.  Choosing the right roll laminator for your projects is the first step in enjoying the benefits of laminating.
Double Sides Large Format Laminating Machine
1>Film Core Sizes
Film core size is the size of laminating film cores a roll laminator can accept in its film supply shaft.   Lefu Wide format roll laminators use laminating roll film that generally come in either 1” cores, 2.25” cores, or 3” cores.  Film core size refers to diameter of the cardboard roll the film is wrapped around.  Lefu Roll laminators will specify compatible film cores in its specifications.  It is important to know and select the correct film core sizes for your laminator to ensure that the film you purchase will correctly load onto the roll laminator.
2>Film Thickness and Mounting Options
Roll to roll laminators will specify the mil film thickness it can laminate.  Lefu Roll laminating film mil thickness ranges from 1 mil – 10 mil.  Certain roll laminators will have the option to laminate thicker material, such as foam boards, up to a certain thickness.  Roll laminators can laminate materials anywhere between 1/2 to 1 thick, depending the laminator specifications.
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