Why It Is Important to Regularly Service Your Lefu laminator?

2021-07-12 11:55:56
Regular maintenance on your Lefu laminat or can have a huge impact on your bottom line. Consider the following factors:
Reduce downtime:
No business can afford downtime, delays in getting orders out may be detrimental to any business. Regular maintenance can reduce downtime caused by unforeseen breakdowns.
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Optimizing laminator capacity:
Regularly maintained equipment runs at a higher capacity than equipment that has not been maintained. This allows you to get more units out the door, increasing the opportunity to drive revenue up.
 Employee safety:
A qualified technician performs Lefu laminator machine modifications and safety adjustments, ensuring that laminator machine operators are kept safe with a lower risk of a malfunctions occurring.
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Correct usage of equipment:
Having a qualified technician show you how to use the Lefu laminator correctly can reduce the number of materials used and wasted, reduce set-up time and reduce the risk of breakdowns in the future due to incorrect usage.
Mefu offers laminator maintenance and repair service for all machinery sold. Ensuring optimal usage for years to come. Our technicians are technically trained by the relevant brands and undergo continuous updated training to ensure only the best service and expertise are passed onto you, our customers.
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