Lefu 1600 Series Large Format Laminator

2022-04-26 16:19:26

Lefu 1600 series wide format laminator allows you to wave goodbye to the days when laminating was a tricky process you would rather avoid until the end of the day. An upright roll to roll machine that is the best in its class, Lefu 1600 series is the easy to implement solution for applying durable laminate to any digital print.

General specifications

Speed: Up to 18m/min

Laminate materials up to 28 mm in thickness

Hi-capacity laminator with heat assisted roller from 0 to 120 degrees

Max. material width: 1630 mm

Main rollers

130 mm diameter with high quality silicone roller

Adjustable pass through speed: 1-18m/min

Perfectly in sync

A unique pneumatic system applies even pressure to both ends of the roller to ensure a steady feed and even application for years to come.

Uncompromising safety

With the roller typically applies 3.5bar of pressure for optimal performance, we have placed safety at the centre of everything we do. Emergency stop buttons are located on both the left and right of the machine, whilst a laser eye cuts the power to the motors to prevent trapped fingers. The machine can be foot operated with an ergonomically positioned pedal, allowing you to keep both hands free at the start and end of a job.

A helping hand

A take up reel is implemented on the rear of the laminator this runs at the same speed as the laminating rollers. This allows you to easily collect (roll up) your laminated graphics onto a new core and transfer onto the next stage of process.

Quality and care

A unique tension input system allows the user to apply slight brake against the roll to get the feeding medium perfectly flat and straight as it enters the 1600 laminator. The feeding tray even comes with a rounded front to smoothly feed the material into the rollers.

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