LeFu Basic Hot & Cold Wide Format Laminating Machine

2021-01-29 14:41:27
Wide Format Hot Roll Laminator: LF1700-D4
When you’re working with large materials, like place mats, trade-show graphics, banners, or rigid displays, then you need a machine that can keep it moving without breaking down.
The best laminating machine for such projects is the LF1700-D4 which comes from LeFu laminator & MeFu laminator -Leading manufacturer in China. This roll laminator can accept materials up to 64” wide, mount substrates up to 28’’mm thick, it’s laminating temperature can up to 140°F, and run 1.5 to 10 mil films and pressure-sensitive adhesive. And it runs at a speed of up to 12 meters per minute. Based on these qualities, LF1700-D4 Automatic hot roll to roll laminator is ideal for digital wide format output and perfect for any large project you’re producing!
Basic Cold Roll Laminator: LF1700-B6 Semi-auto Cold Laminator
Cold roll laminators, like this LF1700-B6 Semi-auto Cold Laminator, are used to handle heat-sensitive documents, such as faxes, photos, or inkjet-printed documents. Such laminators use a particular type of laminate, referred to as PSA film. The Pressure Sensitive Adhesive can be acrylic or a rubber based adhesive. The standardized adhesive varies based on the application of the film.
LF1700-B6 Semi-auto Cold Laminator is the best laminator for your heat-sensitive projects, no matter the size. It can laminate items up to 64” wide, and you can mount prints on boards up to one inch. This cold roll laminator is perfect for completing projects quickly, and it includes a stand and foot switch to keep things smooth. It uses air compressor to control the silicon roller up and down with a button. The main benefits of a foot switch are to free up both hands for working with the print and to choose when the rollers are turning. When a machine is switched to run, the rollers are in continuous motion. This can waste roll film if you do not always have the next print ready to be fed. The foot switch allows you to activate the rollers with your foot and handle prints with both hands so you are not constantly switching the run switch off and on.
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