Lamination in Winter

2021-02-04 14:37:59
Winter is here, which means temperatures are dropping and so too can your laminates adhesion. Laminating is a temperature sensitive process, which means the ambient temperature of the stock can affect the quality of your finish. This is especially evident if you are trying to laminate at high speed. Here are a few tips to help you get a great laminating finish all year round:  Where possible, try to control the climate in your production area.  If you are unable to control the climate in your production area, running your laminator at a slightly higher temperature or slower speed may help.  If this isn’t an option, placing a blow heater near your stock prior to laminating may assist in achieving a high quality finish.  For cold laminating, set your heat assist laminator to 25-40 degrees to take the chill off  your film. The best way is to choose our lamiantors with heating function.  There are full automatic and semi-auto models for your different requirement. LF1700-D1 laminator is full automatic while LF1700-D3 laminator is semi-auto. Both the max temperature of them is 120℃ which is prefect for your requirements.   Please contact us for more information.
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