LF1325-B2 Flatbed Glass Laminator Machine

2021-01-22 14:43:46

LF1325-B22 is a mid size flatbed mounting and laminating machine, with the max working size up to 1.62m/64’’ can meets most application needs. Fully adjustable speed, temperature, nip gap increased capacity and versatility. Its 4 pieces flatbeds can be lengthen or shorten at will, makes Piece-to-Piece application easier and faster. LF1325-B2 can be used with Glass, HDF, MDF, PVC Boards, A-Alum plates Acrylic etc. Material guid improve efficiency for heavy duty works. Fixed speed foot pedal provides hands-free control and improves handling when mounting graphics.

Optimum performance
• Heat-assist cold lamination for bubble-free application
• Adjustable settings for increased capacity and versatility
• Fully adjustable nip-gap and pressure for precise application
• Available for many flat hard substrates
 Ease of use
• Automatic fully adjustable pressure and nip gap
• Light weight drop-in supply shafts with auto-grip for easy loading
• Foot pedal switch for pieces application
• Foot switch for hands free operation
• Laser safety eyes and 2 emergency stops
• CE
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