Let’s Talk about the Lefu Laminator Roller

2021-02-25 14:35:44
For laminating machine, the roller is the most important part of the laminating machine, the quality of roller directly affects the laminating effect. 
For LeFu, the quality of cots is equally important, let’s talk about LeFu laminating machine roller.
LeFu laminator roller uses silicon and solid seamless steel tube, to ensure the quality and quality of the laminating machine. Solid Seamless Steel Tube has many advantages, Seamless steel pipe has good elasticity, is not easy to deform, Silicon Roller has good elastic and anti-aging, so the service life is long.
Most of the LeFu machines roller use 130mm Upper Silicon Roller and 130mm Anti-Glue Lower Silicon Roller, The upper and lower Silicon Rollers increase the stability of the lamination. We also care about quality, single roller weight between 45-55KGS. Can make sure roller has a longtime service life under high-temperature lamination. Avoid any bubbles during laminating.
Lefu Laminator your best laminator partner. Welcome to choose the laminator freely.

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