LF1700-D4 Full-Auto Laminator Machine with Cutter

2021-06-17 13:39:21
The LF1700-D4 Full-Auto Heat-Assist Laminating and Cutting Machine is fantastic for anyone in the car warping industry. This machine comes with a built in compressor allowing users to achieve the exact required pressure for the car warping warranty. Don’t guess, Make sure you know the exact amount of pressure you’re applying with a pneumatic laminator.
Simple Electric Wide Format Cold Laminating Machine
Below are the detailed parameters of this model, Cutters: ≥ 3sets; Max Lamination Width: 1630mm/74”; Max Lamination Thickness: 23mm/0.9”;  Speed: 9m/min; Max Temp: 60°C/140°F; Preheated Time: 5-10 min; Diameter of Upper Roller: 130mm (Silicon); Pressure/Height Adjust: Automatic (Pneumatic Air Pressure).
Digital Wide Format Cold Laminating Machine
Best quality with competitive price, cambered rollers with built in heat assist. Wide Format Laminator LF1700-D4, is perfect for medium to larger size businesses.  Why look anywhere else?
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