Lefu Wide Format Laminator

2021-06-15 13:36:17
Wide format laminators are essential in improving the quality and finish of digital graphics.Lamination is especially important in any environment where the final product will be wased,walked on, or exposed to dirt and debris. We are proud to offer wide format laminatos by saige, Amazingly easy to operate, Lefu laminators are heavy-duty,made of long construction materisals and are available in a variety of widths suitable for advertising industrial.
Lefu Cold Laminating Machine
LeFu Laminator  is a leading manufacturer of hot laminator, cold laminator, heat-assist warm Laminator, automatic and manual laminator, laminating and cutting machine, thermal laminating films in China from 2006.
Digital wide Format Cold Laminator
Since factory establish, LeFu Laminator has been an innovative force in the lamination industry from the introduction of the first single-side semi-automatic heat-assist cold laminator in 2006 for the market to the most recent introduction of laminating and cutting laminator in 2018. The new design and operation idea are used in laminating industry. For a more in-depth review of the lefu wide format laminators and the lamination process,pls feel free to contact with us.
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