LF1700-D1 Large Format Roll Laminator

2022-02-08 14:27:36

Large format laminator LF1700-D1 laminating device with high performance in hot rollers specifically designed for demanding users. Excels in all conditions. Laminator for a wide range of clients ranging from small businesses to the advanced production facilities. The unique design provides a stable and safe operation, also allows you to use a wide range of materials and media, allowing versatile use.

A serie of large format laminator LF1700-D1 is a high-quality roller device designed for cold lamination, heat, and hot. Ideal not only for lamination and secure prints, but also by industrial art images on plates.


1. High performance

High quality top-heated silicon rollers ensure heavy-duty works

Adjustable settings for increased capacity and versatility.

Fast processing with a speed up to 18m/min

Unique anti-tilt and anti-fold system ensures clear output.

Fully adjustable nip-gap and pressure for precise application

2.Ease of use

Automatic fully adjustable pressure and nip gap

Simple film tension adjustable

Light weight drop-in supply shafts with auto-grip for easy loading

Roll-to-roll operation capacity

Foot pedal switch for pieces accurate application


Foot switch for hands free operation

Laser safety eyes and 2 emergency stops

Safety at work-large format laminator is certified CE

Warranty 24 months for machine and 12 months for roller.

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