LF1325-B4 Bubble Free Flat Bed Laminator

2022-02-10 15:08:30

Do you want to streamline your Large Format business? Do you want to increase your lamination efficiency? Do you want to laminate smooth, bubble-free, wrinkle-free pictures? A LF1325-B4 Flat bed laminator can help you realize them. LF1325-B4 Flat Bed laminator will increase productivity of mounting SAV to board as well as short run lamination tasks effortlessly and without error.

LF1325-B4 flat bed laminator breaks the traditional laminating design concept and can cover special-shaped materials.It adopts air cylinder to lift the rubber roller, so the pressure can be adjusted. LF1325-B4 is suitable for all cold and hot laminating board industries, and it is the fastest to cover special-shaped plates.

Basic Parameters:

Two sizes available – 1300mm x 2500mm and 1700mm x 3200mm

Two options in each size – Cold with Tilt or Heat Assist Roller

Quicker and more accurate than using a standard laminator

Max laminating thickness of 50mm

LF1325-B4 Flatbed laminator is a cold/hot laminator that works horizontally, ideal for laminating rigid and flexible substrates. Flatbed has been designed to allow applications in a precise, simple and fast way, it adapts well to a wide range of materials (film, vinyl, application tape, etc.). Its main feature that makes it special is the direct application of images on supports (e.g. panels, sheet metal, plastic, glass, banners, road signs, doors, etc.).

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